confessions of a board game addict.

5 tips for starting a boardgame collection

The explosion of interest in modern board games has naturally given rise to lots of dedicated board game media. Reviews, run throughs, and critiques are easy to source these days. So there’s a lot of information available now to help you decide if a given game is a glorious gaming thoroughbred or a donkey of a dice-fest. But what about advice... Read more

New boardgame night in Wicklow

A new home for gaming in Wicklow Town! So I’ve not had a post here in a while but I just had to mention about the new boardgame club that I’ve helped start in Wicklow Town, called Wicklow Meeples. We run a boardgame night every second Tuesday in The Bridge Tavern in Wicklow, upstairs in the function room. A lovely well lit space with great ta... Read more

The start of my boardgaming addiction

Getting hooked on games! About 6 years ago I was getting fed up with computers, consoles and mobiles and wanted to find a board game that would gather some friends or family around a table for a bit of a laugh. I didn’t have much knowledge of modern designer board games, granted, but I had confidence that the world must surely have moved on be... Read more

Boardgaming in Ireland in 2017

I’ve felt that over the last few years, despite being in the midst of a global board gaming explosion, we still seemed to have a very fledgling board gaming community here in Ireland. Granted that might be because I’m not living in a large urban center, but it took me quite a while to bump into some like minded souls to play games with. Until ... Read more

BGG 100 x 1 challenge

So this year for the first time I thought I’d join in on the Boardgamegeek 100 x 1 Challenge 2017. What is it? Well you can find out below.. What is this challenge? This is a challenge to play as many different games within 2017 as possible. This is the third year of the challenge apparently but my first attempt at it. 100 unique games? Ye... Read more